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The Surrey Cricket Foundation recently invited Emma Marshall, Director of DE Sports Provisions, to deliver a special training session on supporting neurodivergent children. The session was held at the Kia Oval and included both school coaching staff and office-based personnel.

The two-hour training focused on raising awareness of neurodiversity among coaches and staff who work with children in school cricket sessions. The session covered various learning difficulties that fall under the SEN (Special Educational Needs) umbrella, including autism, dyspraxia, ADHD, and dyslexia. Participants learned practical strategies for making adjustments during cricket lessons to better support these children.

“Surrey Cricket Foundation was delighted to have Emma share her expertise on working with neurodiverse children in schools,” said Gavin Reynolds, Cricket Participation Manager. “This training has significantly raised awareness among our coaches and staff, who work in a variety of environments across south London and Surrey.”

For more information on how Emma Marshall can provide training and support on SEN awareness, please visit DES Sports Provisions:

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