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How will the merger be progressed in terms of complying with the current governance of the 3 main leagues involved?

Should the vote on a merger be wider than 1 club, 1 vote? Should we be asking the players?

How fast will costs increase up the tiers/levels?

Where are the A/B/C/D splits within the structure?

Why is the structure regionalised East to West rather than North to South?

What happens with the lower league clubs?

Does this new structure aid development for Surrey County Cricket Club?

What is the next step in decision making and when?

Are there enough people from diverse backgrounds involved in these discussions?

Will the new structure develop a monopoly for bigger clubs?

Is approving at 2025 AGMs too late? What happens if one league says no?

How does this structure create closer matches?

How does this structure benefit the standard of cricket? What evidence is there from other leagues?

How will promotion and relegation work? Can clubs have 2 XIs in the same division?

How would cups work within a new structure?

What discussions have informed the choice of an integrated structure versus the current status quo?

What would happen to the Surrey Downs League if 5 clubs were to leave?

Might clubs with smaller grounds/facilities be denied promotion?

How does the proposal help player participation?

In the event a 1st XI cannot raise a side would a 2nd XI have to honour that fixture or play its 2nd XI match?

Will the impact of ULEZ be considered as part of the regionalisation?

Would this structure enable you to enter with just a single team?

In Option 2, how does 3 relegations into 2 regional divisions work?

How will you manage the challenges around geography considering distance as well as travel time?

What have the experiences been in other leagues undertaking similar re-organisations?

What happens if a league does not join at the inception of the new structure?

Have you considered creating a wider structure with less levels of promotion and more regionalisation sooner within the structure?

Do match balls get supplied as they currently do in some of the leagues?

Does limited overs cricket lead to more one-sided games of cricket?

How many levels will get/require umpires?

I would be concerned that with our placement in the new league (as a Surrey Cricket League team), we would then lose access to umpires, going back to player umpired games, which sometimes wasn't a great experience.

Will Clubmark and/or codes of conduct be mandatory for all clubs?

Will there be an opportunity to centralise purchasing of kits (e.g. shirts) to reduce costs?

Questions that will need to be answered in due course:

Is coloured kit an option?

What teams can an overseas player play in?

Could a 2nd XI play in Division 1?

Will there be powerplays and a 30-yard circle in the new structure?

Any chance of pink balls in lower divisions as an extension of the junior cricket?

Will Level A and/or B (from the emerging playing conditions draft) be a split of white ball and red ball cricket?

Is it the intention that all limited overs games will be played in coloured kit in line with junior cricket?

Is the plan to run the league with the last game being the first Saturday in September?

What would prevent another Surrey League setting up at a later date?

How low will A grade cricket go as regards the timed/overs split?

What can we learn from the Sussex experience regarding playing conditions?

Is there likely to be the facility for a team to be promoted or relegated by more than one division if they are initially placed in a league for which they are too strong/weak in the first couple of years.

Is this also merging XIs within the same structure? 1s, 2s etc all in the same pyramid?

Once you know more about the facilities framework, will you be asking for further feedback before going ahead? Conscious we are a club who has spent a lot of money on the home facilities over the years to get ourselves to a standard. But having multiple teams who play at council grounds, which we have no control over with regard to facilities, how would the league structure accommodate?

Now that we have had these consultation sessions, will you give us some time to play back fully to club committees / player groups and gather feedback?

Why is timed cricket good enough for the highest divisions, but not for lower 1st & 2nd XIs?

Some grounds (The Surrey Cricket League) are managed by the league, would that continue?

How would you manage a situation whereby a very good wandering team would like to put roots down as a league team at a council ground, with limited facilities and no self funding. If they climb the leagues does that mean there would be an imbalance of facilities between teams playing each other

Would there be a new committee and would it be made up of committee members from each of the leagues

As we all get closer to the final proposals. Will you come around with a 2nd stage of consultation and allow those to influence the outcome?

What is the cut off time for deciding if this will go ahead in 2025 or be put back a year.

I heard from another of these meetings that travel hubs or routes may influence the regionalisation (so not distance but road connections). Will that be part of the consideration?

Will you use GCR (General Conduct Regulations) for the top levels and RCR (Recreational Conduct Regulations) for the lower levels or how will this work?

How are you going to recruit all the neutral, sensible to deliver the conduct regulations? (investigating and deciding about complaints is a very time-consuming process)?

How does Sussex deal with the issue of teams from the same club potentially playing in the same league?


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