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This June, we’re celebrating the incredible women and girls shaping cricket in Surrey, both on and off pitches.

Across the month, we’ll not only be showcasing our busy calendar of women’s and girls’ events across the county and sharing your stories and pictures from across the network, but we’ll also be catching up with females working in the game we love!

Read on to hear from female SCF and ECB employees, to learn more about the non playing roles available in the world of cricket.

Beyond the Boundary: Jess Ward – Senior Manager, Female Participation, ECB

This edition of “Beyond the Boundary” shines a light on Jess Ward, who is the Senior Manager for Female Participation at the ECB. The series aims to showcase the diverse and impactful roles women play within non-playing roles in cricket.

Jess’s passion for cricket began at a young age, nurtured by her father and her own experience playing. However, it was during her university years that her perspective shifted. Playing alongside other women, she encountered the unique challenges girls and women face in cricket, and in physical activity in general. This sparked a desire to break down these barriers.

This kicked off a rewarding path into her current role: “I began by volunteering at my local club, assisting with national programmes and helping to establish the women’s team” she says. Her dedication extended to coaching and even coach development, where she fosters a love for the game in others.

But Jess’s ambition reached beyond club level. To gain experience in sports development, she volunteered with her county board. This pivotal step opened doors, allowing her to progress and take advantage of opportunities that arose. Today, she serves as Senior Manager, Female Participation at the ECB.

Her daily tasks revolve around supporting and expanding the network for women and girls in cricket. She actively contributes to the team’s strategy, aiming to accelerate female participation and make cricket the most inclusive team sport possible.

The most fulfilling aspect of her role, Jess shares, is the chance to work in a field she genuinely loves. “I didn’t get to play female only cricket until I was an adult” Jess reflects, “and now I get to play a part in changing that for the future.”

Looking ahead, her greatest excitement lies in seeing girls embrace cricket and love it. “I can’t wait to see the day that cricket is no longer considered a male dominated sport and it is openly accessible and enjoyed by all.”

Jess’s story is a powerful illustration of the impact women can have on cricket, beyond the playing field. Her dedication to breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity paves the way for a brighter future for women and girls in cricket.

Beyond the Boundary: Sarah Rawoo, Cricket Participation Officer

This instalment of our “Beyond the Boundary” series features Sarah Rawoo, Cricket Participation Officer (Women & Girls) for the Surrey Cricket Foundation (SCF). Sarah’s story exemplifies the exciting opportunities available for women in cricket, extending beyond the playing field.

Cricket runs deep in Sarah’s family. Growing up surrounded by the sport, with an older brother to play with and compete against, her passion for cricket was ignited early on.

That passion triggered her journey into cricket; “I played age group cricket, for the boys’ team,” Sarah recalls. “And was even lucky enough to play County Age Group Cricket.” It was during this time, thanks to some amazing female coaches, that she was inspired to pursue coaching herself.

Sarah’s career in cricket continued after graduating university; “Someone sent me a link to a Community Coach role with the SCF,” Sarah explains. “I started there and haven’t looked back.”

Now, after progressing to become Women & Girls Officer, Sarah plays a vital role in nurturing the female cricket scene in Surrey.

“Every day is different,” she says. “I oversee all the Women’s and Girls’ Clubs and Leagues, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to thrive.”

Sarah’s experience as a Community Coach, as well as time spent volunteering at her own cricket club, allows her to connect with the grassroots level of the game. She’s also been involved in a variety of SCF programmes, giving her a unique perspective on development initiatives.

“The best part of my job” Sarah admits  “is meeting inspiring people and witnessing the incredible opportunities that cricket offers!”

Witnessing the growth of the women’s and girls’ game first-hand fuels Sarah’s passion.

“The standard of play is constantly improving,” she says, “and that’s directly linked to the increased opportunities available.”

Sarah is particularly excited about the future. “New opportunities are emerging all the time,” she observes, “and with them, a wave of talented young women are entering the cricketing world.”

However, Sarah acknowledges the crucial role of volunteers. “They’re the backbone of the sport,” she emphasises. “Their dedication at the grassroots level is what drives the positive changes we’re seeing.”

Sarah’s story is a testament to the diverse and rewarding roles women can play in cricket. Stay tuned for the next instalment of “Beyond the Boundary,” where we’ll meet another inspiring woman shaping the future of the game.

Beyond the Boundary: Kim Price, Cricket Participation Manager

In this first instalment of a series highlighting the diverse roles women play in cricket, we catch up with Surrey Cricket Foundation’s Cricket Participation Manager, Kim Price, to learn more about her role and her cricketing pathway.

Kim’s journey with cricket began at a young age, fuelled by a simple desire to join in with the boy’s cricket at her school. This soon developed into an extensive cricketing career; seeing her as international player and captain, coach, volunteer, and even a national selector! Her dedication extends beyond the pitch where she has served as a club chair, umpire, national TV cricket commentator and also sat on a panel of former international players who voted for International Player of the Year.

Kim originally joined SCF as a Community Cricket Coach and has worked her way to Cricket Participation Manager, with the experience along the way providing a strong foundation for her current role,

“My role is certainly not glamorous,” Kim admits, “but the satisfaction comes from seeing colleagues develop and our programs thrive whilst being delivered at a high standard.”

Her day-to-day tasks see her overseeing school programmes, All Stars and Dynamos programmes, and the Pride of Lions programmes, ensuring cricket is accessible and enjoyable for all.

“Finances, relationship building, delivery, communication – these are the cornerstones of my role,” she explains. “It’s about empowering others to create a thriving cricket environment.”

Kim’s dedication stems from a deep appreciation for the sport’s life lessons. “Cricket has taught me so much,” she says, “and it’s fantastic to be part of providing those same experiences for the next generation.”

This series will showcase more inspiring women shaping the world of cricket in Surrey. Stay tuned for the next profile, where we’ll learn more about another female making a difference in the game.

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