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The Grounds Management Association, working with the ECB, have a suite of online training courses available for volunteers to access.

The Level 1 Module

The Level One modules cover a range of sports and allow candidates to gain an awareness and general understanding of the tasks involved in maintaining playing surfaces. The course costs £46 and takes 4-5 hours to complete and includes modules on:

  • Requirements of the groundsperson and pitch
  • Maintenance activities (Equipment & Machinery)
  • Safe use and storage (Materials)
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The Level 2 Module

The Level 2 modules for cricket surfaces allow candidates to understand how technical aspects of turf maintenance can influence overall pitch quality, helping to create a suitable annual maintenance plan for their surface. The course costs £93 (Member) or £125 (Non Member) and takes around 6 hours to complete with the following content:

  • The performance requirements of a playing surface;
  • How to monitor the quality of a surface;
  • How different maintenance activities might influence pitch playability;
  • The responsibilities of operatives and organisations;
  • The purpose of risk assessments;
  • Different soil types;
  • Basic drainage design;
  • How to identify turf grasses in general;
  • General control methods for undesirable organisms;
  • The use of annual work schedules; and
  • How to create an annual work schedule.
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The Level 3 Module

The Level 3 course for cricket surfaces allows candidates to understand about advanced technical aspects of turf maintenance and management, and how they may form an integral part of a detailed work programme. The course allows candidates to get the most from their surface in terms of quality standards and ultimately, carrying capacity. The course costs £132 (Member) or £180 (Non member) and covers the following content:

  • The influence of drainage, soil type and compaction on playability
  • Soil nutrient testing and what this might mean for your surface
  • Grass cultivars and selection and evaluation
  • Controlling undesirable organisms and Integrated Pest Management
  • Health and safety systems
  • Planning a work programme
  • Managing a surface to optimise playability.
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