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The Surrey Cricket Foundation is seeking tenders from cricket ball suppliers in anticipation of the proposed merger of the Surrey Championship, Surrey County League and Surrey Cricket League.

Important Note: The Merger is Not Yet Finalised

While discussions for the creation of a new, unified league called the Surrey Cricket Championship are ongoing, the official merger has not yet been confirmed. The ambition is for the new league to launch in May 2025, with a final decision on the merger expected in September/October 2024.

Early Ball Tender Process to Ensure Smooth Transition (if merger goes ahead)

To ensure a smooth transition should the merger be approved, the Surrey Cricket Foundation is starting the ball tender process well ahead of the potential 2025 launch. This will allow ample time for a thorough review and testing process.

Tender Applies to 2026 Season Onwards

Current suppliers for the Championship and County League will continue to provide balls for the 2025 season. This tender process is specifically for the supply of cricket balls for the 2026 season onwards, assuming the new league structure is implemented.

Selection Process: Shortlisting, Testing and Final Decision

A shortlist of qualified suppliers will be chosen this summer. These shortlisted companies will then participate in a full tender and testing process during the 2025 season. This will involve presentations, interviews, and blind testing of the balls during actual matches. A final decision on the official ball supplier will be made by the end of the 2025 season.

Tender Process Cancelled if Merger Not Approved

Please note that if the proposed merger of the leagues falls through, the ball tendering process will be cancelled.

Tender Documents and Deadline

For full details and specifications, please click below to open the tender document. The Surrey Cricket Foundation welcomes any questions regarding the tender process.

Deadline for Submissions: Close of Business on Friday, July 5th, 2024

SCC Ball Supplier - Invitation to Tender 2024


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